Saturday, December 18, 2004

New Purchase: Clive Cussler's Black Wind

I got the new Clive Cussler Book today, ""Black Wind". I've not heard any reviews or knew a thing about it coming out - being cut off from life on the net means I've missed so much these last couple of months. It only apparently came out on the 2nd December. I saw a copy earlier in the week in the library on the reservation shelf and wondered what it was then. I thought it might have been another "Clive Cussler puts his name on a book by another author who has nothing to do with Dirk Pitt" clone, but this is actually written by Clive himself and his son (who he named Dirk too), and is a legitimate Dirk Pitt adventure, so I'm looking forward to reading it.

It seems to have come out awfully quickly on the back of Trojan Odyssey - but is that just my imagination? I'm wondering whether Cussler wrote this book in a hurry to raise funds to pay his legal bills to fight the film company ignoring his clause to approve the script for the new Sahara film? I watched the trailer for that the other day. I just don't see MM as Dirk, and who is that guy they've got playing Giordiano? He in no way looks italian!!!

Not sure about that title though. If you eat a lump of coal and then fart - is that what you get? ;-)


Blogger Jersey Mom said...

You crack me up! Black coal farts!


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