Sunday, December 26, 2004

Review: Hot Sky at Midnight - Robert Silverberg

Hot Sky at Midnight - Robert SilverbergMy last reading finish of 2004, this book started off quite well - in a very fascinating environment of environmental disaster and collapse on earth. One of the characters is involved in research to gene-tailor humans to survive the changing atmospheric conditions on earth in the beginnings of a greenhouse climate gone astray - and is constantly reviewing the moral question of turning the human race into monsters. Another character is hired as a tugboat captain to go and bring back floating icebergs of fresh water to a drought-plauged San Fransisco, and finally the third major character is a detective with no eyes - the victim of gene-tailoring experiments back in India.

All in all though, while these elements provide a fascinating series of individual stories, they never seem to come together at the end and form a cohesive plot, I was a bit disappointed really.

Rating 7/10

Next book: John C Wright - The Golden Age Hard SF's Book of the Month for December 04 (A bit late I know - but it's still December isn't it?)



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