Thursday, May 05, 2005

Movie Review: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

I liked the movie. It was great seeing "new" Douglas Adams bits again. Like the point of view gun, how cool was that? I'd have loved to have been able to shoot that at my X - several times!

I quite liked what they did with the characters. Even the black Ford didn't put me off - I used to like the TV series Ford, I thought he was "cute". I liked the new Trillian. I personally found Sandra Dickenson quite annoying so having a normal looking and sounding Trillian was quite an improvement. I spotted the original Marvin in the Queue too. Liked what they did with the Vogons. The puppets/animatronics were certainly an improvement over those green rubber suits from the TV show, and Zaphod certainly seemed so much cooler than the one in the TV show too, but then I guess the CGI head helped there. Who can act like the coolest dude in the universe sporting an extra head and hand? And is this just my opinion or did they make Arthur more of a hero than he was in the original show? Don't know, just the way it seemed to come across for me.

In fact the only thing I didn't like was Marvin. I dig the whole Alan Rickman doing the voice thing, but I just couldn't tie up the voice with Warwick Davis wandering around in a robot suit with a huge beachball on his head. Kind of spoiled it for me.

Overall the movie was quite a ride and I enjoyed it a lot. I was quite disappointed at the end not to see what the film-makers had done with The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Are they going to make a sequel? Has anyone heard any news?

Overall I'd give it 9 out of 10


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