Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Movie Review: Alien Vs Predator

Alien Vs PredatorI got a dodgy Div-X copy of this in one of my Christmas presents from a work colleage. Finally got around to watching it yesterday.

I've got the other Alien Disks and a Double disk set of both predator movies recently so now I've got the lot. I missed Alien vs Predator when it came out at the cinema down here. It was only on at the local cinema for one week and that was weeks after the film had gone on general release around the rest of the country.

I enjoyed the movie. I felt that it was better than Alien 3 (which is the Alien Movie that I like the least) and possibly even better than the original Alien - and die-hard fans will probably flame this blog because I've said that! The plot wasn't much to speak of though - the movie spends the first half just moving the cannon fodder (humans) into position in the ant-arctic pyramid. You know they're all going to die! Then the first of the battles between the two titans start and the film takes off from there.

In a way, I'm surprised that this film got made, I think it's the first time that two movie franchises have co-operated and made one film. I'll probably get a legitimate DVD of this when it comes out. Typical UK release dates - it's out in the states already, but not available here until the 7th March - and you wonder why there's a market for illegitmate dodgy disks!


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