Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Musing on Movies - Catch Up

I've forgotten to blog on these meme for a few weeks, so here's some catch up entries:

With whom do you usually attend movies? Have you ever been to a movie alone? Did you enjoy the experience? Would you like to go alone more or less often?

I mainly go to the cinema alone. I don't mind going to the cinema on my own it's something I've never had a problem with.

Who are some of your all time favorite actors? What is your favorite roll for each one? Are there any actors you just can't stand or whose films you avoid?

Harrison Ford (Indy), Brendan Fraser (George of the Jungle), Brad Pitt (Thelma and Louise) are my favourites, hmmm who really annoys me..... Owen Wilson is really cute, but I can never stop staring at his odd-shaped nose to enjoy the films.

Have you ever seen a movie that you feel changed your life or changed your perception of the world in some way?

I think that Star Wars influenced my life a great deal, and of course Lord of the Rings gave a new definition to bladder control in the cinema.


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