Friday, January 05, 2007

Booking Through Thursday

Let's review shall we?

Now that 2006 is over ... what were your favourite books of the year?

I've just looked back at the few books that I have read this year and to be honest, it is such a pitiful list that I'd really not bother commenting. I've really let my reading slip this year and in the previous year too. I know exactly what has done it. Too many DVD box sets of episodic tv too watch. It's certainly easier watching and episode or two of the X-Files before turning out the light than it is to read a good to honest real book. I guess this will be one of my New Years' resoultions: Read more and read more of what I want to read not just because it's there or on a list to be read, even if it means re-reading my old favourites.

Last night I acutally finished a book. Well, not just a book, the multi-series set of the Chronicles of Narnia which ends with The Last Battle. Ok, I first read this set of books when I was a child, even then, the dialogue of the children of the post-war years was a little strange but now 50 years later, they still hold the old charm.



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