Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Musing on Movies - Trailers?

Movie trailers: some love them, others loathe them. What do you think of them? Do you make it a point to arrive in time to see them, or do you try hard to walk into the theater after they're over? Do you ever watch/download them on the internet? There is even a television show that that only shows movie trailers. Do you watch that show, or would you if it was available in your area?

I love watching trailers. Although down here, Merlin Cinemas seem to skip them completely most of the time, but then what do you expect from a completely imbocile independent cinema chain?

I look forward to watching trailers of big films and yes I have downloaded them off the net. I think the last one that I watched was for the new Harry Potter film. I remember star wars fans going to see movies that were showing the trailer for Episode I and then leaving the theatre before the actual film started that they'd paid to see - I wouldn't go that far myself though.

Since I don't have access to the trailers that I once did, I miss quite a lot of new films that come out - unless they are really major movies - they don't seem to make it down here at all.

When I was back in Kent we used to go to the cinema several times a week. I even started keeping a list of trailers that aired before the film because I noticed that UGC in Rochester were trailering movies that they didn't end up actually playing. I was making a list to form a massive complaint about - but that's all gone in the past now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

How Long?

Has it really been over a month since I last posted on here? Where does the time go? At the moment I'm halfway through a real big read - Peter Hamilton's Pandora's Star. I'm really enjoying it, it's part of a new trilogy which is probably going to be the size of the Night's Dawn Trilogy - also by Hamilton. I have been intrigued from day one reading it - the disappearance of a stars by the erection of a dyson-sphere sized energy barrier - well that sucked me in for starters, but there is also a very large cast of interesting characters to back it up, it's interesting reading it and trying to work out where all the plotlines eventually will intermingle.

The sad thing about Pandora's Star though is that the day Sean and I broke up he bought me a "parting gift", a signed hardback edition of this book. When he moved out of the house he kept the bloody thing. So much for the parting gift - good riddance!

Musing on Movies - Snacks?

What is your favorite movie snack? Do you usually get something to eat and/or drink at the theater, or is it a rare treat? What snack (if any) do you usually eat while watching a movie at home?

At the cinema I like to have salty popcorn washed down with a bucket-sized cup of pepsi max. That is, if I go to a decent cinema. The Merlin Cinema's group down here in Cornwall are crap, and always serve 2-day old stale popcorn.

At home I usually just eat crisps, or eat my tea in front of the TV.